Logo in grey color. I can't sync


I needed to uninstall Odrive, and change the drive C location to my drive D.

Since then I can’t sync anything, neither see my web folders.

Can anybody help?



Hi @ltorgal,

I believe you need to login / authorize your odrive app again since you have modified the location of default odrive cache folder while changing your C:/ drive to D:/, now technically app cannot find the cache folder and re-created new folder(exactly same as new install) located at %userprofile%\.odrive.

You can quickly check using our web interface to see if your links are still intact during the HDD drives change process here:

Please follow the instructions below:

i) Launch odrive app
ii) Open tray menu --> Setup odrive and click "Get Started"
iii) Complete the login process and you should see all your data back into odrive folder as placeholder. Unfortunately you must re-sync all your desired data back, similar to first time login.

Please let us know if problem still persists


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Alternatively (unofficial workaround): To retrieve your odrive folder state back in case you still have access to old odrive folders in your drive.

Please try at your own risk =)

i) Exit odrive app
ii) Backup any important data contained in odrive folder.
iii) Goto %userprofile%, enable “show hidden files” in Windows Explorer.
iv) Rename existing “**.odrive" folder to ".**odrive-backup” or move it into Documents folder.
v) Rename “odrive” folder to “odrive-backup” or move into Documents folder (if any).
vi) Goto your D:/ drive (previously it was C:/ drive), open D:\Users\Your_OS_Username\ and copy both “.odrive” and “odrive” folders from D:/ drive and paste into %userprofile% (current C:/ drive)
vii) Launch odrive app and if everything goes good then app must start by having all of your data back with ability to sync files between your linked cloud storages and your local machine. If it doesn’t work then unfortunately you must stick with previous instructions steps above.


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