Local files and folder as master

I have the free version to use as a backup app for Amazon drive. My local PC is the master, i’ve made tons of deletes moves etc over the past month. Recently noticed the delete folder had a bunch of items waiting to sync, so i did it. Then suddenly my local folders had tons of .cloud files in them. So I right clicked on my main folder and selected sync and now all of my deletes and moved files re-downloaded… like 6 months of files, hundreds of them. How do I make Odrive recognize the local file and folder is always the master copy?

Hi @greyborris1,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, so that I can take a closer look?

When you emptied the odrive trash, odrive will tell Amazon to send those items to the Amazon Drive trash and they should be removed from your local view. Amazon Drive can have some odd behavior, at times, so we can take a look at the diagnostic to see what it reveals.

Removed current status output

Hi @greyborris1,
It looks like you are on a fairly old version, which is okay, but our latest version has some better logging and additional improvements that can be helpful.

Can you download and install the latest version?

  1. Exit odrive
  2. Download the latest version from here: Set Up Your odrive
  3. Install

Once odrive loads up again, wait about 10 minutes and then send another diagnostic.

Can you also provide a few examples of the items that were deleted and then showed-up in the root of your Amazon Drive?

I have installed the latest version. I moved some files back to where they were supposed to be so you’d have examples that are waiting to sync.
The steps I took that caused the issues:
Sync must have stopped in march or somewhere about then, i remember seeing some error messages so i probably stopped it.
I have made many changes to file locations since then. I usually download a file to a central folder (holding), then moving files to their proper locations.
I synced deletes a couple of days ago. I noticed that tons of .cloud files appeared, mainly in my holding folder.
To try and clear this up, I synced my holding folder and it re-downloaded all the previously moved files to that folder.
All cloud files and the re-downloaded files in holding have a 3/4/22 created date.

Removed Current odrive status info

Hi @greyborris1,
Unfortunately I can’t tell what happened to bring those placeholders back. The software didn’t have as much logging in the older version as it does now.

I can see that many of the items in holding that were recently downloaded were deleted around Jan 25th. At some point between Jan 27th and March 11th, the files were restored in some way.

Let’s keep an eye on things and see if this occurs again.

It looks like you currently have sync disabled. Is this intentional?

Yes, if i enable it it will re-downloaded all my deleted or moved files. I turned it on for a bit and had about 200 files redownload, when i realized what was happening i turned off sync. Is there a way to prevent these files from redownloading?

Hi @greyborris1,
The files shouldn’t automatically download if you re-enable sync. There are many move operations that are waiting, but I don’t see any downloads.

Can you re-enable sync and see if things start downloading again? If so, please send another diagnostic so I can take a look at the download activity.