Local files / Already synced in google drive

Hi There,

Testing Odrive out with a large google drive database - in total its 17tb. I have about 6tb of local files that I want to keep synced locally with the cloud.

Does Odrive allow me to plant these local files into its folder and avoid the 6tb download? Does Odrive read files on my computer and only download the files that are missing?

I need to plan this out before I start moving files around.

Hi @conor,
It sounds like you have a lot of data there. Having 6TB of local data may cause a good deal of overhead, since odrive will need to actively track that entire dataset, constantly, to ensure both sides always remain in sync. Just keep that in mind at you move forward.

For moving already local files, take a look at this post for suggestions: Any way to map existing laptop folders already synced to my services?

@Tony .

I have an old 8 core mac pro acting as a raided fileserver to do nothing but manage my syncs.

Google drive client is what was running in the past - with months of errors and headaches achieved via that software I am now looking at odrive with promise. I already have it running and its working rather well.