Local file unsyncing

Hello everyone,

I had the great surprise while looking for a client’s file to notice that a complete folder was containing .cloud files instead of my actual files.
After reading on the forum I selected the folder, right click and hit sync to download my files back.
At this point I’m being told that this is a premium feature.
I have never set up Odrive to unsync anything. So first, I’d like to understand why and how, this software decides to unsync my files, and then stop me from accessing them.

Also, how to get my files back?

Thanks for the support.

Hi @jeanbrochefort,
It sounds like maybe you were using the “sync to odrive” feature during the Premium trial and then the trial ended. This shouldn’t normally perform any unsycing, but you may have also had auto-unsync in place during the trial, too.

You should still be able to find those file via the default odrive folder (select “open odrive folder” from the odrive menu), in the location you chose to sync to.

For more information on the difference between free sync features and Premium sync features, please take a look at this post: