Linux single command to sync all files in a folder

I would like to see the capability to sync the folder and all files in the folder with one command. Right now I have to execute a separate command to sync each file. If this is what I have to do, there is no advantage to Odrive or time saving over just downloading from the cloud web interface, modifying the file, and then uploading it again to the cloud.

i know that Odrive users have submitted scripts to do this in the forums, but I don’t really understand them or trust them because I am not familiar with scripting and coding. Also, several of the comments suggest the scripts are not complete or reliable. I would like to see this as an official part of the CLI client.


Hi @klclsc,
You can supply the --recursive parameter to the sync command to perform a recursive sync. It is listed in our docs here: and also listed in the CLI built-in help (sync -h).

There is also a post I have here that lists some simple scripts to perform recursive syncs, if you want to have more advanced control over the process or perform more advanced automation/scripting using the CLI: How can I force a recursive sync (download) with the CLI?