Linux odriveagent Sync + large file still in cloud

Hi all,
i am new here, maybe there is already an answer of similar question but i haven’t found it.
So, i have configure odriveagent under linux to sync my files to OneDrive For Business, all work fine, big files are automatically splitted in according to the option xlThreshold, in my case is set to large, all work as aspected and well documented here
I have only one dubt, when i change/ remove my files, the odrive agent sync the changes to OneDrive, but when i remove the big files the changed are not reflected to One Drive, example:
local file is removed
on cloud the folder[MD5].large still exist, and 10 files with 1GB size and .meta file too.

Please let me know if i missing some configuration or is possible to change this behaviour.
Thanks in advance

This is after emptying the odrive trash? When you delete the item and refresh the parent folder, does the item show up as a trashed item? (status --trash)

Hi @Tony,
thank you, part of the problem now is solved (99%).
i did not see all arguments of status command and after the emptytrash some files are been deleted from OneDrive too, (the command status --trash does not show any trash files now) but in the cloud still remain (unfortunatelly) one of the deleted files
[EDIT] The old deleted file that still present into the cloud is a “big file” directory that was partially uploaded

Thanks for the additional information.

This particular behavior is a known issue. When the file is not fully uploaded it is never considered synced, so odrive doesn’t “know” about the partial data when the local file is deleted because it hasn’t considered the remote file to actually be uploaded yet.

In these particular cases you will want to delete the partial upload via the web client.

My apologies for any confusion this may cause.