Linux client GUI

I am a premium paying customer and I absolutely love odrive. However, I have been transitioning away from Windows and Microsoft products and going to Linux. Unfortunately, there is no user friendly odrive client for Linux at the moment. Is one coming soon? I do not want to spend a long time using the actual Google Drive and Dropbox client since I am a paying odrive customer. The Sync Agent that is available for Linux looks way too complicated for the average user.


We don’t currently have plans to create a UI for LInux, but I am interested in this as well and plan to dabble a bit with it in my spare time… when I can find some. I actually don’t think this will be too difficult to achieve in Nautilus (famous last words).


I hope more resources is devoted to this. I have been a Windows User for years and I have had enoough of it. I love odrive but it sucks that it does not have the same friendly Windows user interface on Linux. The current terminal command line sync option for Linux is not for your average user. Its tough since I have been without odrive for a week now. At the very least, maybe make odrive more supported by Wine in Linux, possibly?


I installed odrive today and was kinda disappointed of not seeing a GUI client for Linux The homepage is cleary misleading since it says its supported in all platforms but dont say in Linux is just a cli.

You could use GItHub´s Electron to create the menu bar and Python scripts for Nautilus integration. Hope to see it in the future. Odrive really looks promising.

Btw, How do I sync a folder outside “odrive folder” with cli client in Linux?


Yes, this is the reason with heavy heart I had to abandon odrive. I figure it would not be too much effort to put a gui on the cli since the cli exists (maybe the encryption part would take a bit of effort). I check on the site from time to time to see if there has been progress but in the mean time I have been exploring alternatives.


For syncing an outside folder, you would specify the local odrive mount location as the folder you wish to sync, specifying the remote location you wish to be the target.

I’d also love to have a GUI for linux…

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Likewise! I skimmed over the odrive Website and understood that Linux was supported so created an account. It looked promising. Now I find that although I am using a 2016 GUI OS, all I can get is a CLI. Very disappointing! I have tried using the Web interface - it works to a point - however it falls short in many areas. I will have to look for alternatives.

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One idea could be to install VirtualBox on your Linux system, install a small Windows guest, install odrive there, and then use Windows Explorer in seamless mode to manage your odrive. Combined with VirtualBox shared folders, this may yield a pretty nice graphical integration with Linux.

(Caveat emptor: I did not actually try doing this, since I run macOS on my main workstation.)

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Don’t want to resort for Overgrive or Rclone or Drive for Ubuntu, even Gnome control center natively supports Google drive. Please provide easier installation, and more importantly native support, Wine is not exactly an ideal solution. I can help you with linux architecture, if that’s your barrier

I believe you are requesting a GUI similar to Windows and Mac (icon overlays and context menus). This is something that has not yet been prioritized.

We do have native Linux binaries, though, that offers a CLI to the odrive sync engine. I just want to make sure you saw that:

I, too, am very dissapointed. I found odrive since it is supposed to support Linux. It all looked very promising to keep all my cloud services in one place. So I followed the steps to install the command line client for Linux. Sadly, not what I was looking for. If I sync folders, I want to sync the files inside the folder, not just get the file names. Not very user friendly to sync every single file on its own as there is no recursion available. I will hope for a Linux client that deserves to be called that in the near future. In the meantime, I will have to look elsewhere.

I too need a GUI like on Windows and Mac to use Odrive. I’m not going to be able to cope without a GUI. I need it for the same reasons Mac and Windows users do.
I came to Odrive because I heard it works on Linux. But I was disappointed to find now I can’t use it.

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A GUI would be nice, especially w/ a deb or rpm installer to simplify everything. Additionally to be able to pass arguments at time of install on systems not needing the GUI or context menu shortcuts would be well thought out but I like the convenience of a tray applet and right-click context menu support for easy access to sync entire folder w/ or w/out recursion, log viewer, refresh, authenticate, etc.

However the bigger of the convenience factors for me is the latter (even if it was still only CLI based), which would be easier access to sync/unsync entire folder w/ and w/out recursion Yes we can do this with bash scripts or lengthy commands but adds a chore to the agent’s ease of usability when viewed from a workflow perspective. Anyone can remember: odrive sync [folder.cloudf] -opts where flags can tell the agent the depth of the sync/unsync scope.

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Really, a desktop GUI Linux application will be very nice, and I miss.

Even being a code of an additional package to compile/make and install manually, that can be just a front-end of the CLI application.

Yes a GUI for Linux based apps like Dropbox has would be great.
I have been dabbling with a few mostly Debian based namely Mint
but I have at present 3 laptops 2 Mint 18.1, 1 (1x64, 1x32), 1 Xubuntu x64.
2 desktops 1 old HP x32 running Lubuntu, 1 IBM Netiva x32 Mint 18.
lots of installs and re-installs, a couple with SSD’s. These are all,accept, newest Toshiba laptop running Mint 18.1 x64 are test machines. The Toshiba gets used daily and is my DMX light controller for gigs.
So for the past 6 months I’ve probably installed a Linux distro of some sort, 100 or more times, or attempted.
As in changing hardware installing extra drivers finding the distro what works with particular hardware, trying different apps installing network printers. Just all the fun stuff a geek needs for a fix. So in short, yes a nice apt-get install GUI would be awesome.
Wonder if someone could reach out to developers of DropBox and get some helpful info in building such for Odrive?

If I could get some Linux guru’s interested in building a Linux app to work like the windows version does be great.

This is something we would like to offer in the future, but there are several other things ahead of it, in terms of priority.

As a side note I’ve found pCloud is a great alternative for those with Linux nessesitys
It works well on Xubuntu,Ubuntu, Linux mint,x32 & x64 bit, Windows, and iOS devices that I have.
Good Gui desktop folder intergration,
It’s easy to install, set up and works better than dropBox in MOA.

I really understand that a complete GUI interface can be challenging and isn’t a priority for you. But I think that a simple nautilus integration or a simple recipes topic with some helpers and scripts to make the most common operations can be really useful!

Actually the existing agent function naming is really confusing and not so clear, and can estrange young linux users!

Linux peoples are geeks and will love modifying some basic scripts (and better than this they will share their modifications) adding more functionalities!