Linux and Windows in same folder sync (dual boot)


I am using windows and linux in the same notebook, with dual boot, I would like to know if it is possible to synchronize both windows and linux in the same folder for example:

Windows K:\odrive
Linux /driveK/odrive



Hi @candido1212,
This is a good question. This is not a scenario we have tested, but I foresee that you could run into some issues in doing this.

You will end up having two different engines with different local caches for tracking the files. I think the sync engine can resolve most changes well enough, in theory, but there may be some scenarios that could cause some trouble. For example, using Encryptor folders would probably end up uploading every new file twice (once on each OS). The OS’s will also have different constraints for allowed characters, reserved words, etc, which can create some oddities with how each instance of the odrive sync engine syncs the content.

It may be okay, depending on your use case and how you use odrive, but it’s not something I can recommend.


thanks for the reply, I imagined that it would not even work, even indicating the same sync index folder.