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Didn’t find this on the forum, but would be cool to have a button on context menu to get to the website of Dropbox, Google Drive, etc…
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I was just about to raise the same request - it would be great to be able to go straight to the Dropbox/etc page for the relevant file/folder.


I was about to raise nearly the same request, but I’ll just make it a refinement of this one instead.

In the Dropbox desktop app, when you pull up the context menu for an item, it gives you the option to copy the share link to that item. This makes it super-easy to share things with people, because I can then just copy the link to a file I’ve been working on and send it out to people via email.

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Same here. For business reasons all of my shared links need to be Dropbox links.

Cloudo (for Mac) allows for searching searching Dropbox, opening the Dropbox online file preview, and sharing an official Dropbox link, so I know it can be done. (Cloudo isn’t really competition, it’s just a search app.)

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Can you share the business reasons that require Dropbox links?


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Our company wants to keep all file sharing links managed and revokable in one place.

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I would like this too! Would be much easier to keep all file sharing links managed and revokable in one place.

Definitely I would like to have this feature too.

Bump from 2020 ! :wink:

I really miss this functionality from using Google Backup and Sync. My colleagues don’t necessarily use odrive, so I need to manually go into the google drive website to find the link to send them. This adds a lot of steps as I’m usually right there at the synced file on my file system.

I know there is native odrive link sharing, but that’s only useful if you know everyone is using odrive. In my case, I can’t control this.

Also, due to security concerns, I can’t make public links. I need to control folder access by user.

I’d love to have “Original Share Link” and “Copy Original Share Link to Clipboard” in the context menu.