Linking with Internet Archive's S3-compatible storage


I have an account on Internet Archive and I want to use it as a storage for odrive.
Since it has S3-compatible API, it’s possible to add it.
I got access key and secret key from IA and added to odrive account, but it says Your access key is incorrect. or S3 error.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @qwerty.drained ,
I signed-up and tested it out.

Their API is a little weird and not quite “S3 compatible”, but it will work with a couple of tweaks.

The main issue I ran into, and probably what you are running into is that their server is taking a while to respond and we have a short timeout set for the initial authentication.

I also ran into an issue with a request for the bucket region that returns unexpected data.

We’ll add some fixes for these and we can push it out in our next release, which should be relatively soon.

If you give me the bucket name I can try linking it, just to make sure the adjustments work.

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Thank you for reply.

The bucket name I’m trying to use is compendiumstorageyaju

By the way, what is STANDARD_IA in Default Storage Class? What IA stands for?

Anyway, thank you for working to support Internet Archive!

This is for S3’s Standard-Infrequent Access storage class: Object Storage Classes – Amazon S3

Hi @qwerty.drained,
Our latest desktop releases have the above mentioned changes in them. You can grab them here