Linked Google Cloud with Google Drive

How do I access the linked files from google Drive? I see the files on the Odrive, but there are no files from the bucket on google drive. Please help, thanks!

Hi @jwmorrow218,
Can you provide some additional details?

What do you have linked (is it Google Drive or Google Cloud Storage)?
What are you missing, specifically, and what do you see? (If you can provide some screenshots that may help to clear things up for me).

I will try and provide some screenshots and the like later today, but I think I can clarify what I’m trying to do. My Google Cloud and Google Drive are currently linked. I’m trying to see if I can access my Google Cloud Bucket from Google Drive by just opening Google Drive– maybe from shared folder? or is this functionality not available?

Hi @jwmorrow218,
Unfortunately, even though they are both under the Google umbrella, they are different services with no relationship to each other, so they can’t be combined in that way.

Can you tell me a little bit about the use case? I am interested to hear why you would like to do this.

Well I processed docker containers in a virtual machine in a google cloud instance and stored them into a bucket and I use google sheets to publish the data to a website (currently unavailable) and I wanted to be able to make edits to google sheets functions as a midway point between the virtual machine and the website, but I’m sure there are better ways of going about this with sql or something, but I want to keep it simple enough that somebody without experience coding can understand and troubleshoot. Trying to wix/wordpress for website building.

Sounds like I need to rethink or learn some stuff

Hi @jwmorrow218,
I’m still a little fuzzy on the flow.

I don’t have a clear understanding of the connection between the Google Cloud compute instance, the docker containers, the Google Cloud storage, Google Drive, and the Google Sheet you are using to publish to the web… :slight_smile:

You can use odrive to share content from Google Cloud storage to others, but I’m not sure that is one of your requirements.

What is the purpose of linking a google storage bucket with google cloud if the files are not shared with each other.

or i mean to say shared between platforms. Just for clarification, it is not possible to have a shared file between a storage bucket and google cloud, which when edited the changes will appear on both platforms?

Hi @jwmorrow218,
When you say “Google Cloud” do you mean Google Drive?

I may not be clear on what you are saying. If you edit a file in your Google Cloud Storage bucket, that change will be available to any client that is able to retrieve that file from the Google Cloud Storage bucket. So, if you have multiple systems using odrive, and you’ve linked your Google Cloud Storage bucket, you can access that bucket, and its files, on all of those systems.

You cannot access that file from within Google Drive, though. This is similar, conceptually, with how Amazon Drive and S3 are both Amazon services, but you cannot share/access files from an S3 bucket inside your Amazon Drive account.