Link oDrive to SharePoint folder external to company

Hi! I have a Microsoft 365 account provided by my company, which I can sync easily to odrive together with my personal Dropbox and Drive accounts.
I can also access some Sharepoint folders shared by colleague from external organizations, to which apparently I log in using my business Microsoft 365 credentials.
However, I can’t find a way to link those shared folders to odrive. I found a post from a few years ago which basically said you can’t do that, but I wanted to confirm that. If instead there is a way to do that, I’d love to know.
Many thanks in advance

Hi @luca.andena,
The ability to access items shared with you, like this, can be a little bit hit or miss using Microsoft’s API.

Something you can try, to see if these items show-up, is to link your account using the “Microsoft OneDrive-O365 (Business-Edu)” link type and see if they show under the “Shared With Me” folder.

Hi Tony, thanks for your feedback.
My MS365 account is already linked to oDrive, but in the Shared with me folder I can only see the shares belonging to other people in my organization (those I could see from the Onedrive for business account via web).
I guess this is what MS associate to my login, while I am a “guest” in other people organizations. I am allowed access to the shared folders with my account, but they to not seem to belong to it.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the additional details @luca.andena. In that case it may not be possible to visualize those. Are the only references you have to these shares direct links (they are not listed anywhere)?

Hi Tony, I’m not sure I got your question right. I’ll try to be as clear and exhaustive as I can. Basically I have:

  • Sharepoint folders from my organization, and they appear under the Shared with me folder in my MS365 account. The odrive client syncs nicely with those, except for the fact that OneDrive for Business is horribly slow and often fails to synchronize properly (even via web, therefore not an odrive issue).
  • Sharepoint folders that I was invited to from other organizations (by an email link), to which I have access via web logging in with my MS365 account (the one associated to my work email) - but I clearly see I’m in a different environment, it’s the Sharepoint of those organizations and in each I can only see those shared folders

Got it @luca.andena!

It sounds like you access these shares via links from e-mails.

I was just trying to clarify if these shares were listed anywhere within the Microsoft UI, as that could point to possible way to get a list of them from somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t think Microsoft provides a list of these types of shares anywhere in their API.