Limiting odrive to only upload one file at a time?

Hi all. I am currently stuck with a very slow internet connection (1Mbps upload). By default odrive uploads multiple files at once, like 10-13 files at once. I tend to upload/sync at night, when I wake up and stop syncing (so I can use my connection again) I find that many files have uploaded 80-99%, and are all fighting for the measly 1Mbps upload.

Can I force odrive to only upload one file at a time? Thanks!

Hi @carlco,

There is no setting for a single file at a time, but you can either copy them in in small chunks or you can throttle your upload speed by clicking the odrive icon and selecting “Set bandwidth throttling” > Upload > Limited and enter in a value that will better work with your connection.

08 AM

Unable to change throttling settings.
This is a premium feature. Please upgrade your account.”

Any help with this? Do I have to subscribe to switch speed?

Hi @carlco,
Unfortunately odrive doesn’t have a way to enforce an absolute limit of 1 file at a time. There is a mechanism that will try to limit to 1 file if the files are over 100MB in size, each, but it also depends on the structure of the data and the linked accounts.

How large are the files that are being uploaded currently?


Anywhere from 10MB to 3GB.

Thanks for the reply @carlco,
There isn’t much we can do to make odrive restrict to 1 file at a time, on its own. The best bet would be to move the larger files out and then move them in, piecemeal, so that odrive can’t grab all of them together. Are the files distributed in a way that would allow easy chunking like that, or are the files all over the place?

They are all over the place.

Hi @carlco,
Can you try this?

When you see a bunch of files syncing, go to the listing of those files in the odrive menu, click on the ones that are not very far along. odrive will ask if you want to cancel the upload. Click ‘Ok’ to cancel that upload. This should allow odrive to continue syncing the others and should hopefully start it on a path to better manage concurrency.

Yep, I have tried that, it doesn’t seem to work, as they just start syncing again a few minutes later.

Hi @carlco,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?