Limit the CPU usage in encryption

Hope have this feature, cause the folder of encryption is almost 10T. It will take long time. I thinks this feature will be very useful to users.

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Wow! 10TB of content? That is a lot of stuff to encrypt.

Encryption is going to be a bit CPU heavy because of the work it has to do.

Have you given some thought to if you need to encrypt everything, vs just specific content? For example, I encrypt my documents but leave my photos unencrypted, so I pick and choose based on the sensitivity and accessibility I want with the data.

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Actually I put odrive share folder in my NAS, and the all files in NAS are putted into encryption folder. That’s the way to backup all my NAS files into Amazon Cloud with encrypted. I don’t want anyone except me to see what kind of content in my NAS including the photos. I know many people like me is very sensitive to self privacy so may be odrive can consider this feature.

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The next version of encryption will limit import speed which will limit CPU consumption. The new encryption system will be available by August. If you can wait for the next version to import everything, I would recommend you only import the essentials and wait for the next version to import all 10TB.


So happy to hear this ! Thanks !