Large Files Not Being "Stitched" Back Together

I have large movie files that I am syncing with Amazon Drive. I have the large file segment set to upload in 100MB increments. It could be I misunderstood how this works, but I was under the impression that once those segments were uploaded the files would be put back together as one large file.

Here’s how one of the files is appearing in my Amazon Drive file browser:

Thanks for any clarification you can add.

Hi @invertedcommas,
IFS files will be stored in their chunked state on your remote storage. odrive will seamlessly interact with these files, so that they appear as normal files, when viewed/synced through the desktop client.

You can read more about this here:

There is also an in-depth look at IFS in this blog post here:

Keep in mind that Amazon Drive has a 15 minutes in length limit or 2GB size limit (whichever is hit first) for streaming content. This means that, even if a file that falls into one of those categories was uploaded as a single file, it would still not be streamable.


Thanks for this information - I definitely misunderstood the overall scheme of how that works. That Amazon Drive happens to be mapped to a Plex media server, so I am streaming via Plex. It’s already working great, but when Plex wasn’t finding the new media on refresh, I realized something wasn’t working with the way odrive was storing the flies.

Would be great if this preference could be set on a per-folder basis. Generally speaking this isn’t a problem with my other assets. But if it’s not working with my movies I can’t use it at all.

Thanks agian!

Hi @invertedcommas,
Thanks for the details. I have passed this on to our product team.

Are you part of the Plex Cloud beta? I haven’t gotten an invite for that yet to check it out.

Ah, no! I actually set this up myself (with some help from an IT friend) – basically I’ve got a VPS and running an instance of Plex on that. Then we’re mounting the Amazon Drive as a volume and using that as “infinate” storage for my media library. A good write-up on that here:

This solution as far as I can tell is still more robust than Plex Cloud (at least as it stands currently).


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