Lag on Finder when using odrive

I have been a paid subscriber to ODrive for over a year now and I keep saying I am going to uninstall and cancel because it makes Finder on Mac so slow it is nearly unusable (its not uncommon to wait 10+ seconds for a folder to load after clicking on it). My question is does anyone know if ODrive2 will fix that? Trying to figure if I should wait around or not…

BTW I also have ODrive on my Windows machines and it does not experience the same latency in Windows explorer that the Mac version does in Finder. I have even installed it on 3 different Mac’s and keep up with the updates and its the same for all of them…


Hi @matt2,
Can you describe the lag you are seeing on Mac? This is not a general issue we are aware of. I am wondering if it could be caused by some interaction with another application on your system.

I am not sure how much more to explain it. When I open finder and click on any folder it sits with the beachball spinning icon for an extended period of time. For instance just now I opened finder and clicked on the ‘Desktop’ folder, it took 23 seconds before the folder opened. This has been happening every since installing oDrive on the MAC a year ago.

  • Matt

Hi @matt2,
This is definitely unexpected.

When you exit the odrive app, does the behavior stop? If not what if you exit the odrive app and disable the Finder extension in System Preferences -> Extensions?

Can you also tell me what version of MacOS you are running?
Are there any other extensions listed in System Preferences -> Extensions besides odrive?

Tony, if I do a complete uninstall of oDrive then Finder is fast again. I currently have it uninstalled on my MAC because I could not bear the latency but I will install it again and see if disabling the Finder extension fixes it. I am running MacOS 10.13.4.

As for other extensions I have one other called ‘Core Sync’ that is part of Adobe Creative Cloud (I think).


Thanks @matt2.

I haven’t seen this behavior before, so I am hoping we can narrow it down by checking the Finder extensions and then going from there.

Same issue here, when odrive is running finder slows down dramatically

Tony, just to follow up on this. I uninstall completely oDrive using the instructions you posted previously for uninstalling on a MAC and then reinstalled with the latest version and once it was done re-indexing all the files again then finder started going really slow again, so there was no change from the problem occurring previous to uninstalling and re-installing…

On the positive side, I did disable the extension as you suggested and that did speed up finder again and the lag was gone. However it is not usable without the extension so I had to re-enable it after confirming that the problem is in fact related to the extension.

Waiting your recommendations if you have any…

  • Matt

Thanks @matt2,
I’m glad we’ve narrowed it down to the Finder extension. I am still unable to reproduce this behavior, so it must be specific to the environment and its interaction with the odrive extension.

Is there any difference when disabling all other Finder extensions and leaving only odrive enabled? I want to confirm its not some sort of conflicting extension behavior.

Do you experience this when clicking on any folder in Finder, or is it specific to only clicking on folders listed in the left-hand navigation pane, for example?

In the MacOS Activity Monitor, you will see one or more “odrive Finder Extension” processes.

  • When you observe this behavior in Finder, do you see a spike in CPU on any of the listed processes?
  • What is the idle CPU for these processes? Normal, idle behavior is between 0% and 0.5% CPU. This will vary a bit depending on the specs of the system.
  • What is the idle CPU for the odrive process? Normal idle behavior is between 0% and 2%. This will vary a bit depending on the specs of the system.
  • How many “odrive Finder Extension” processes are listed?

Do you have any other software installed that may be performing background operations or interacting with Finder that could play a part in this?

Hi @guillermo,
Can you run through the same questions I posted above for Matt?


  1. No other extensions are enabled, just ‘driveapp’ which is your extension so it cannot be conflict of behavior.
  2. All folders, whether I am drilling down in the right hand panel or selecting on on the left hand side. Doesnt even have to be a folder located in the oDrive root…
  3. In activity monitor, Finder and oDrive processes jump to 100% or greater CPU when clicking a folder. I took a bunch of screenshots of Activity Monitor while Finder is “waiting” trying to open a folder so you can see the oDrive process, the oDrive extension process, and the Finder Processes under multiple scenarios opening a folder. There is only one oDrive extension process and one oDrive process.


I cannot think of any other software that would be conflicting. It happens all the time, even after reboot with no apps running. I thought it was a known problem because it happens on all three of my Macs (which is why I asked if it was fixed in oDrive2).

In “Login Items” the only background processes that launch when oDrive launches are “FlowSync” (for my Polar GPS running watch), “Android File Transfer Agent”, and “Vagrant Manager”. All three of those have been installed much longer than oDrive without problems with Finder and disabling them does not stop the oDrive issue so I doubt it is an interaction with them.

Hi @matt2,
Thanks for the information.

The memory and CPU are very high. Memory is exceedingly high for odrive and Finder, which is very unsual.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look at the client configuration?

Can you also give me an idea of how many objects (number of files and folders) is odrive currently tracking on your local system?

How do I send the diagnostic? and how do I get the total files and folder count?

Hi @matt2,
You can find the diagnostic option in the odrive menu (click on the odrive icon in the MacOS menubar).

That may be enough for me, for now. If not I’ll give you a couple of commands to run after I take a look.

Hi there, I’m having this exact same issue! Please help. I’ve also attached images of my high CPU usage. After I quit odrive, computer gets snappy and fast again like it’s new!

I love odrive and would love to keep using it but performance is killing my Macbook Pro. This has been happening for the last few months now.

Other details:

  • I primarily sync with Amazon Drive so not sure if that is impacting anything.

  • I’m running Mac 10.13.4

See attached screenshot.

It’s definitely an odrive issue, if I force quit odrive resources from Activity Monitor my computer gets snappy again, it’s like a brand new computer when I quit the odrive apps as far as performance goes.

I followed some instructions I found that had a terminal command and now the new version is showing (6413) but I am still having the same issue of lagging performance with finder and clicking almost any file spawns the beachball of death for a few seconds. Here are some screenshots of Activity Monitor. Apparently odrive is using 2gb of RAM and 158%+ of CPU! Crazy!

Please help. :slight_smile:

Hi @prestonjohnlewis,
Can you please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and then ping me on this thread? I would like to take a closer look at your configuration.

Tony, did you get the diagnostics I sent you early last week?

Hi @matt2,
Sorry, I didn’t see it. The diagnostics are only good for a couple of days, then purged. Can you please send another one (or two) and then ping this thread when you have so I know to look for it?

Hi there! I just sent diagnostics. :slight_smile: