Keeps uploading the same file

odrive app is trying to upload the same file over and over to Amazon Cloud Drive.
So, the sync never finishes.

Any idea on why?

Hi @lee.jake,
Amazon Drive is known to have issues uploading large files. Are these large files?

Here is some background on the issue:

It’s about few hundred megabytes in size.

Does splitting files actually help?

I set it to 500MB, do you think I should bring it down to 100?

Hi @lee.jake,
File splitting can definitely help if you are having issues with uploading large files to Amazon Drive. I’d say give it a shot for a bit and see how it goes. Generally a 500MB split should be okay, but it really depends on your connection, location, and if Amazon happens to be “acting up”.

I’ll try at 100MB and let you know how it goes.

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