Keeps saying I need to upgrade when I have a premium subscription

I downloaded the trial and then quickly upgraded to a premium subscription. When I try to do anything I get this



Hi @bungalowbill61,
Most likely you are logging in with a different account than the one you used to upgrade. When you login to odrive, your odrive account is setup against the provider you used to sign-up/login. If you switch to another provider to login, this can create a different odrive account.

You can take a look at your subscriptions here: See if your Premium subscription is listed. If not, logout and take a look at the login options. Is it possible you used a different service before?

Once you’ve found the right account, make sure you are logged into that account on the desktop client. You can check this from the “Authorized User” section in the odrive menu.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for the response. I changed the name and email on the account to m=
atch the Amazon Drive account I am using. I then verified the new email addr=
ess. The authorized account is showing as the same account as my subscriptio=
n but I am still unable to do anything. It keeps telling me I need to upgrad=
e to a premium subscription.

Another question. I used Odrive about a year ago to transfer about 3 TBs of m=
usic. I bought a NAS drive and am using Odrive to copy everything from my Am=
azon Drive to the NAS. I seem to recall that I was able to select multiple f=
olders and sync them. Now I am only able to sync one at a time which is pain=
ful. Is it possible to select multiple folders to sync?



Hi @bungalowbill61,
Changing the e-mail actually won’t do it. The login is tied to the authenticating account, so you would need to login using that service that you were using when purchasing the subscription, specifically. I had the accounts team take a look, and it looks like you should be logging in to odrive using your Amazon account (Choos “Sign in with Amazon”).

For syncing multiple folders, you cannot multi-select folders and perform a right-click->sync (it will only sync one of the selected), but you can perform a recursive sync. See here for more details:

So I created the Odrive account under my Amazon account but my/our Amazon Drive account is actually tied to my wife’s Amazon account. Given that, do I need to cancel my subscription and resubscribe using the correct Amazon account?

Hi @bungalowbill61,
You can switch your account login by going to and clicking on “change” next to the “Signed in with” section. That will take you through the flow of using a different provider to login.

If you have another odrive account using the provider you want to use, you can close that account, first, so that you won’t have a conflict.