Keeping 1 location with complete sync in case that Dropbox fails

I’m having doubts about my current setup:
I love Odrive as a replacement for dropbox and for my other online backup providers.I have an early adopters unsync option.

My doubts:
In the past with dropbox I always had 1 physical private location (PC) that downloaded everything completely so that when Dropbox exploded my files were always safe on an private location. Now that I migrated to Odrive on all my machines this isn’t happening anymore. I have the placeholders on al my locations and for new files the originals on the location I creayed it making it spread over multiple locations (if I don’t unsync)
I don’t need the complete premium functionality and this is quite expensive for what I use.

Do you see a solution on having all the originals on one location downloaded completely (complete sync)?

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Hi @jpheuvel,
It looks like you asked this in two places, so I will repost the other response here, in case it wasn’t seen:

We are discussing the ability to have everything be “download by default” similar to Dropbox behavior, but with the option to enable placeholders on certain folders (or all folders). This sounds like it would fit your use case.

I do not any further information, at this time, but we will be sure to announce any changes/updates in this area to our announcements section in the odrive forum: