Keep copy of all data

Greetings! My intention is to keep a synced copy of all files on a HD, and use an SSD with selected synced files. This way I have a local copy, but can keep my main drive as empty as possible.

The only way I can think of to do this is to have another MacOS installation (perhaps virtual), and sync the HD with that. Is there another way? I would be happy with launching a script every now and then to sync the HD-copy.

Hi @staffan,
You could sync your drive to two different places using the “sync to odrive” feature.

On your SSD you can have the default odrive folder, and you can use sync to odrive to map your remote odrive content to a local folder on your second hard drive.

OK! So I can use external sync to sync to a folder that is already syncing to another within the odrive folder? Sounds perfect.

(I missed the notification, so I took a long time to respond… sorry)


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