Ive made a mess of some folders somehow

I have made a mess somehow of a bunch of folders I tried to sync to amazon and google. I think its my fault by moving the original folder during sync or something. In any event, I cant clean them up and now none of my new folders will sync or unsync.
When I go to manage online at Odrive or at Google or Amazon directly, I cant seem to see what and now to clean up now.
The Odrive wont allow me to delete and start over either. Thanks so much for any help with this issue.

Hi @sioux,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? This will create a file named “current_odrive_status.txt” in the root of the odrive folder. Please send me that file in a direct message so I can take a look at what the situation is.

Can you also provide the paths of the items that are having trouble syncing?

Can you provide some additional details on this? Are you seeing an error when trying to reinstall?

the app said it has sent a diagnostic to you, right now.
Thanks so much for your response. As I said I made a mess with my odrive, somehow by possibly moving the location of a few folders during upload possibly?
In any event it has affected other folders, somehow now too? very strange.

  • I have been trying to delete the folders that may or may not have full files in them - they are backed up, but I am not allowed…it says “no option” in the sync menu - now for a number of other folders that i had not synced back yet - now they have “no option” in the sync menu
    Are you suggesting I re install the desktop client?
    these files below are also at the bottom of all my folders - I sync to google, dropbox, amazon etc

Hi @sioux,
It may actually be best to uninstall and reinstall the odrive desktop client. This will put back into a good working state. This will also create a backup of your current odrive folder, so that we will retain anything in there, just in case.

Are you willing to give this a shot?

I restarted my computer and all seems ok! haha Thanks so much.
I do want to also know how to organize images within the drive?
For some reason on amazon alot of images came out of their folders. Is this best to do on Amazon?

Hi @sioux,
Great! I’m glad to hear things are falling back in line.

You should be able to us odrive to move the files back in their folders. I am not sure what the exact situation is, but you can always try on a few files and view the results to make sure the result is expected before doing it on a larger scale.

yes. I often move folders between drives etc. This is why I was so confused when I had problems. I am a photographer with Terabytes of files backed up on drives and I rely on Odrive on a daily basis.
The issue of moving files, is that I have to sync everything - large files in order to move them on my desktop client - I was hoping that online at the odrive manage site I could do this more quickly?

Hi @sioux,
We don’t have a facility for moving files directly between different cloud storage links, but it would be a nice feature and something that we’ve thought about before.

You are correct that you need to use your machine as an intermediary to move data across storage providers using odrive since the data has to be pulled down and the uploaded to the new destination.