It was doing fine at first, but stopped and now says "No Options Available" and won't upload anything else

My odrive won’t upload any more files. from my external hard drive.
Whenever I right click any .jpeg or folder, it tells me “No Options Available.” True, I did have a lot of folders wrongly named because I didn’t check the characters list and unfortunately I had many files with either // or : soooo anyway, I guess odrive is mad/revolting and refuses to upload now even after I’ve tried renaming files.
I’ve read some topics on this matter already, but nothing seems to resolve itself in a way that’s relevant/works for any of my files and folders. Should I somehow uninstall and start over?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @karenkesinger,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a close look?

Are you able to download anything (turn from placeholder to “real” file/folder)?

I don’t seem to be able to download the placeholder folders actually. A few of them have blue circle checkmarks by their names, but when I doubleclick, nothing happens. If I right click and say “sync,” nothing happens.

Hi @karenkesinger,
I see that there are two “sync to odrive” folders that you have defined that are shown as missing. You can see them if you look at the “sync to odrive” section in the odrive menu. Can you take a look at those? If you have renamed the folders locally or remotely, the “sync to odrive” relationship will be broken and those folders won’t sync anymore.

Are those the folders having issues?

So I found the missing folders in the “sync to odrive” section. Now when you look it still lists the two folders but no longer has them as “missing”. I’m not sure what to do with them now that they’re found though? “Ready to sync new changes” doesn’t do anything. I stopped the current sync and restarted it, but that didn’t seem to do anything either.
The odrive symbol is still black, and if I try to right-click any other file to add to odrive it tells me “No Options Availalble.”

Hi @karenkesinger,
Thanks for the updates!

When you want to sync a new file to a location in odrive you need to one of the following:

  1. Copy/move the file into an existing odrive folder. This would be either in the default odrive folder (the one you go to when you click on “open odrive folder” in the odrive menu) or in a folder you set up as a “sync to odrive” folder.
  2. Setup a new “sync to odrive” folder. This is when you right-click on a folder that is not already inside an existing odrive folder and select “sync to odrive”. You cannot do this on individual files. It has to be done on a folder

Can you tell me what action you are currently taking and what is not working as you expect? If you can send another diagnostic and let me know the file/folder paths I can focus on that in the diagnostic.