It is possible to upload the same data in 2 different accounts?

Is it possible to have the same data(e.g. 100 files) uploaded in 2 different accounts,without having two copies of the said Data in the local PC?


I have been wanting this as well but am taking a client approach to it – using Hazel on OSX to manually duplicate the files and using ARQ backup to push my backup of the files to an alt cloud location.

But I could see it would be nice for odrive to allow spaces or some other contain to be layers on top of cloud sources with a RAID like configuration (e.g., provide container that keeps one copy across these four cloud providers with 5TB on each or, provide filesystem with file system mirroring across multiple containers etc

We do not offer this, currently. There is a feature request for it here:

It is something we’ve discussed recently, however, and it may be something we offer in the future.

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