Issues with file management through odrive

Hi all,

Struggling with some file management issues in odrive. I am trying to manage my files in a OneDrive for Business account that I have through work. Basically I’m adding a number of files, accessing and using them on my iPad and then once done delting them from my OneDriev again. The problem is, doing all this doesn’t through odrive dosen’t seem to work.

I get varying degress of success but never the full job done. Sometimes old files will reappear after deletion, sometimes files won’t sync up (they start and stop syncing continually), sometimes some of the files will sync and others won’t.

Also, I only seem to be able to view my odrive trash sporadically.

With three OneDrive for Business accounts, my own OneDrive, Drop Box and Google Drive I love odrive, but if it’s frustrating that these issues seem to have started.

Any help from anyone would be much appreciated.



Can you clarify a few things:

  1. Do you tend to use the same file names? For example, after you are done with the file and delete it, do you ever create another file with the same name? If yes, do you create them right away or much later?

  2. Do you always delete files using odrive or do you delete them also from the ipad?

  3. Is the OneDrive account shared with anyone? Are other people updating those files?

Here are some things to note:

  1. The odrive trash will only show files deleted using odrive. Files deleted from your ipad or elsewhere will not show up in odrive trash.

  2. Files in odrive trash are not deleted yet from OneDrive. You have to empty trash to sync delete.