Issues syncing and internet saturation

Sorry to bring up an old thread… but this is my exact problem right now. Running Odrive on my mac mini is now killing my internet.

It’s barely useable, but by and large it runs perfectly fine when I’m not running Odrive.

I use it to sync all of my mac folders to amazon cloud. Been trying for months to get all of my home videos backed up, even they are now constantly failing.

I agree with Tony in that it looks to be some sort of saturation point, because it was working great but now I can barely get it to work at all.

Odrive v6271 and Mac OS 10.12.4. Is there any kind of cache clearing, or reset I can do? I don’t want to cancel it but it’s becoming unusable.

A bit more digging over night…

When i use the Amazone Upload Tool for mac for the video files that never uploaded, I’m constantly getting File name conflict after uploading to 100%. Each of these files are between 1 and 4 gig in size of various file types (mts, mp4, vob, mkv).

They conform to Amazon’s file name standard with no special characters, and things like that, nor are they very long. Also, for example, this file name “VTS_01_1.VOB” (which errors) exists fine win other folders so I struggle to believe the issue is with the name itself.

As a test, I created a dummy Word file and uploaded it twice to the same spot. This doesn’t error, rather it Previously uploaded so it doesn’t seem to be an existing file conflict either.

I’m GUESSING that these types of errors are binding Odrive up somehow?? I haven’t gotten a video to successfully upload in about 3 weeks, and Odrive seems to just constantly loop through the unsynced files and kills my internet at the same time.

I really don’t want to start over :frowning:

I think somewhere along the way, Amazon and Odrive have gotten themselves into a bad state where I can’t upload any more of these files.

Hi @st.houck,
Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I will take a deeper look and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

I just sent it.

Right now I stopped trying to sync my video files and have moved to my Music folder to test if that works better. So far, it seems to be syncing, although my internet is considerably slower, it’s still usable.

Here’s something else I noticed. Quite frequently, Odrive cycles the files through the Syncing Changes folder without those files going up in %. And I have some 618 files waiting and it seems to just loop through them.

It’s as if it can’t get a decent connection to Amazon?? And this seems to really impact my internet when this is happening.

Hopefully the diagnostics will show something. If it shows all good, I can stop the music syncing, and resume the video syncing and re-send.

Currently I’ve set my upload throttle to ‘normal’. I’ll try setting it to limited and see if that helps much.

Thanks for looking


Hi @st.houck,
Can you try sending another diagnostic please? The last one was not sent successfully.


…and I have to type at least 20 characters to make this post :slight_smile:

Hmm… Something is not quite right. It looks to be some sort of network aberration and its preventing a proper diagnostic. I am getting something, but not what I expect (or anything useful).

Sorry for the trouble, but is it possible to close down odrive and restart your system, when you get a chance to do so? Once you start-up again and odrive loads, wait about 15 minutes and then try sending another diagnostic.

By the way, I split this off into its own thread so we can track it properly.

Sure thing.

I noticed after I sent the previous diagnostics that I wasn’t seeing the little icons next to the files that were syncing in Finder. So I restarted my mac and they’ve come up again.

I’ve re-sent the report to you.

I did buy a new modem/router recently to replace my really old one. The timing could be coincidental, unless there’s some weird setting in it I don’t know about. I had nothing special for Odrive in my old modem/router.

BTW - my internet is really shit-house by world standards. So my uploading can be slow at the best of times.
Upstream: 1020 kbps
Downstream: 14148 kbps

EDIT I quit Odrive, and my uploading is still high… Time to go see what the kids are doing***

EDIT #2 Kicked the kids off the xbox / ipad… got my upload back down to hardly anything… Fired Odrive back up (still set to limited) and my uplaod went back to 1 Mbps.

Further info.

I’ve run a network monitor, and I can see that my uploads are hovering around the 1000 kbps mark although Odrive is set to “limited” upload.

I think this is causing web pages to not resolve host, and makes it very slow to load.

Is “Limited” a hard number in Odrive or a percentage of throughput? I would expect limited not to exceed 100-150 kbps.

Ok - last observation for the night (you can tell we’re on different time zones) :slight_smile:

In my router, I set a bandwidth limit to 800 kbps upload for everybody.

Resuming, Odrive, my upload now peaks around 800 kbps (as expected) and my internet is so much better. Plus, I’m noticing that the file syncing is actually sticking. As in, the files in the sync changes queue are actually progressing in % rather than just looping through the Waiting queue. I’ve flicked you another diagnostics report. I don’t know if it’ll help or not.

You definitely have a bug where if you quick Odrive, then start that application again, you lose your sync icons in Finder. That’s annoying.

I haven’t gone back to trying videos again. I’m happy to let the music syncing continue over night to see how well it works.

Hi @st.houck,
Thanks for the updates.

Concurrent upload management and throttling have some issues in the current release and it has been seen that on some systems and data structures that the limiting doesn’t work as expected. This appears to be happening in your case. The entire system has been re-worked for our next major release to better control these aspects.

The subsequent diagnostics still didn’t come through properly. It is possible that they timed-out due to the saturation (heh…). It sounds like you’ve got things moving to your satisfaction, though.

Your plan, going forward, sounds like a good one. I usually recommend syncing in batches, if it can be managed. This helps to ensure that your data is systematically synced completely without overwhelming the sync engine/creating large amounts of overhead with sprawling structures.