Issue with moving odrive folder

Hi, Im using Mac OS Sierra, Ive installed the odrive and it works well until I moved to my second partition (Mini SD 256gb), when I moved and sync some files I have a issue… when I tried to open all files show me an error "The file “xxxxx.pdf"can not be opened. The file may be corrupted or contain invalid characters”… So, I sync the same file or download though one drive and it work`s well… I tried to uninstall and reinstall, and no success, somebody have the same problem? How can I fix?

Hi @renatopmaia81,
To clarify, odrive downloads the files correctly until you move the odrive folder to a second partition? Is that correct? Are you using the “move odrive folder” option from the odrive menu to perform the move?

Hi Tony, tks for your answer and yes I use the menu “Move odrive folder” and after than I re-sync the file, I dont copy the files from Finder... if is it youre think… ehehe

Hi @renatopmaia81,
Thanks for the swift reply.

If you leave the odrive folder in the default location then you can download with no issues?
What if you download from the odrive web client?

If is in the default folder it works well… :frowning:

So, for now I`m trying to re-install the drive but they only starts at the “bad” partition it have a memory… so, what folders I need to delet to restart in the default folder?

Hi @renatopmaia81,
You can perform an uninstall and then reinstall via these instructions, to start over from scratch: