Issue syncing with Google Drive

I have a similar problem, except I can’t sync with a Google Drive. Did the bug fix for the desktop client come out yet?


Hi @adhlu,
The fix mentioned in the previous post was released a while ago and it was specific to Gmail. I’ve moved your post to a new thread to track it properly.

Can you provide some details on what you are seeing with Google Drive?
If you can provide screenshots and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, that would be a big help.


I just sent a diagnostic. Attached is a screenshot.
When I right-click on the folder called “Google Drive-adhlu” and click on odrive Sync, a dialog pops up that allows me to select “subfolders” and change the size of the local sync folder. I click on the sync button and the error dialog (screenshot) pops up.

Hi @adhlu,
There are some oddities with your odrive folder. Did you used to have a much older version of odrive running and then upgraded the odrive desktop client? There are references to old-style odrive placeholder files “odrivelink” that are inside your odrive folder. Did you move those from an older install?

The “Google Drive - adhlu” folder is showing as a read-only folder. If it was also moved from an old odrive install then it may have other issues, though.

It may be best to try to start clean with a fresh cache on odrive. You can do this by selecting “Authorized User”->“Deauthorize” from the odrive tray menu. This rename the current odrive folder to odrivebackup-[current date] and create a new odrive folder with everything as unsynced placeholders.

If you are missing some of the links that you had previously, in the older odrive, make sure that your accounts are linked properly and show up here:

If a linked storage account does not appear in the listing from the odrive web client, then the odrive desktop client will not be able to sync to it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.