Is there any way to unsync in the free version?

Is there any way to unsync in the free version?

The explicit “unsync” command is not available without Premium. However, it is still possible to turn files back into placeholders. If you find yourself needing to free up space you, can use these methods to turn sections of your storage back into placeholders.

  1. Unsync, of course
  2. Unlink a source and re-link it to turn the whole source back into placeholders
  3. Deauthorize your odrive client (accessed in the odrive tray menu under “Authorized User”) and sign back in. This will create a backup of the current odrive directory and create a new, freshly initialized odrive folder with only placeholders.
  4. Delete the item and then restore from the odrive trash, which restores as a placeholder. Because this requires an explicit delete of your data without any safety checks (for items that have not yet been uploaded, for example) we do not recommend this method. Also, please ensure you do not have any auto-trash rules set before you attempt this or the item will be deleted on your remote storage.

Keep in mind that everything starts out as placeholders, by default. This means that, with free odrive, you can actually browse all of your remote storage as placeholders without needing to download anything locally, using as little space as possible, right from the start. Its only after things are downloaded and then the space needs to be freed that you require unsync.

We understand there are some folks who only want the unsync feature and would like a subscription plan to accommodate that. We apologize that we are unable to offer this option, at this time. We will provide an announcement if that changes in the future.

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