Is there a way to share a space with a team without requring accounts?

I am looking for a way to get my team easily uploading to a shared space without them needing to set up an account.

Is this possible?

Hi @conor,
Interacting with a Space requires using an odrive desktop client, which requires an odrive account. There isn’t a way to get around this. Normal shared links can be used without accounts, but are download-only.

It sounds like you are wanting a “public” Space to allow anonymous users to upload files? Can you provide additional details on your use case?

I bring on various team members to projects that require lots of file-sharing. This has worked so far but I am a little blind on what happens when I share with people that don’t have the service and are only using the web interface to upload files into my shared space.

Essentially If I had a way to share a space so that it could be upload only and password protected.

The share links have worked extremely well but for spaces I can’t require someone i’m working with to sign up for trial that could expire and then they can’t gain access to files down the line. I am hoping that everyone see’s the merit of your product and starts using it but I can’t enforce this.

Hi @conor,

David here from the ODrive team. Our other solution LeapFILE could be what you’re looking for. Do you have time today for a chat?

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