Is there a way to restrict which storage providers enterprise users connect to?

Hello everyone - I have a question about restricting access to storage providers in ODrive - is there a way to whitelist which storage providers our users would have access to when using ODrive?

We take a pretty strict approach to managing business data, and how we allow it to leave our organization.

Our users are asking for a way to sync procore content to their onedrive accounts, which would be very useful, however we are not interested in giving anyone access to the full catalog of storage providers that ODrive has available.

I looked for documentation on managing access to providers, but haven’t found an answer, so any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi @mjbaird,
Yes. We’ve been developing some new things that will satisfy this requirement. Can you reach out to us at so that I can get you in touch with the right team?

That’s great to hear. I will reach out to you shortly.

Thank you @Tony

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