Is there a GUI to help set up Sync Agent?

Hi All,

Sorry, this is a bit of a cop out question, so apologies in advance! I’m a home user trying to set up a sync system for my photo collection to Amazon Drive from my home server (WHS 2011). What I want to do is to automatically upload my photos (backup) to Amazon drive whilst the server is not logged in, so that any newly added photos automatically get uploaded to my Amazon Drive. The Amazon Backup App doesn’t allow this as the backup only works when a user is logged in, so I’m trying to work out alternative methods.

ODrive Sync Agent looks like it might be the right tool, but despite me being a bit of a geek, the CLI looks a little too daunting for my skill level! So, is there any nice simple GUI way so set up the agent to do what I am after, or is this not something that is entertained?! Many thanks!

Hi @wafu_anthony,
We do not have a GUI for the CLI, but you can post any questions you have about using it.

Ok, thanks. I’ll have a think about how I want to set it up and use it. Whilst im fairly happy with a DOS prompt and some CLI, I’m nervous about accidentally setting up some syncing that deletes all my files or tries to sync everything across all my devices and cloud areas!

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