Is it possible to run Odrive for only one user on Windows?

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We have a few users on Windows 10 computers. By default, Odrive app is installed and starts on Windows boot for all users. Is it possible to run Odrive for only one user (admin in this case) and disable launch or even better uninstall the app for other users?

Hi @nsOmInAL,
There isn’t a way to facilitate this within the install.

The autostart shortcut is located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

You could remove access to the application in the Program Files\odrive folder, by making it accessible only by a single user, or an Administrator.

It would also be possible by removing the application, entirely, from Program Files. The items in Program Files are just a launcher, that then installs the binaries into the user’s profile directory under the .odrive\bin directory. odriveapp.exe can be run directly.

I would say the first option is probably the cleanest, though.

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Hi @Tony,

The first option did the trick. Thanks for your prompt help!

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Glad to help @nsOmInAL!