Is it possible to Edit Google Docs from multiple account without web login?

When you have multiple google drive accounts connected to your odrive, can you edit the google docs/sheets/slides in those accounts without having to login as usual in the browser? Is this even possible because of the fact .gdocx etc is a ‘cloud only’ file?

I’m sorry if this has been answered already but I couldn’t find a clear answer for this.

Hi @aquavivafernandes,
As you guessed above, it is entirely dependent on the web browser login/session functionality of Google Drive. In order to access and edit Google Docs in a Google account, you need to interact with it via the web browser, which means you need to be logged into the correct account. As you know, this can be a pain because of the limitation Google has in this area.

This is a big difference from non-Google Doc files, which can be accessed and edited locally via odrive across as many Google accounts as you want.

Cheers Tony! Such a frustrating feature of the google drive platform, but thanks for confirming I wasn’t just being silly.

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