Is it possible to download an unsynced folder to a different location outside of odrive?

I need to copy/download an unsynced folder that’s in GDrive to an external (someone else’s) drive.
I’d normally first sync the folder to my computer and then copy it to the external drive but I don’t have the space to do that now plus, it’s 2 processes.

How can I copy/download a large folder (that is not synced) I have in GDrive directly to another location?

I tried downloading directly from the web interface of Gdrive but it’s splitting it into several zip files and giving me errors.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Hi @mac25,
It sounds like you could use the “sync to odrive” feature for this.

  1. Create an empty folder on the external drive that is the same name as the remote folder you want to download.
  2. Right-click on the empty folder and select “sync to odrive”
  3. Browse to and select the Google Drive folder you want to download. This will create a direct sync mapping between the local folder and the remote folder
  4. Right-click on the local folder, after it has been populated with cloud files representing the data in the remote folder and select sync. From there you can perform a recursive sync to download the data.

This sounds like the solution I need.

So I can better understand, on step 1, how important is it to create a folder with the exact same name? Does anything happen if we use a different name?

Does this feature only sync one way? Like only downloads data from Gdrive to that folder?
I just want to make sure my Gdrive folder doesn’t get wiped.

Hi @mac25,

If you use a different name, it will create the remote folder inside of the local folder, instead of being a 1-to-1 mapping from local folder to remote folder. So, its not really a problem, but it will create an extra folder.

No, this creates a bi-directional sync relationship. If you do accidentally delete files locally, they will be held in the odrive trash, by default, unless you have enabled an auto-trash rule. Of course, if you don’t make any changes locally, then you won’t have to worry about it.

We encounter a download/sync limit at 750GB per day. We left the folder downloading on Friday hoping to have it ready by Monday.
But, when we hit our limit, the sync stops and it does not seem to resume until someone actively refreshes the process.
Is it possible for odrive to automatically resume the download after the daily limit is reset or a way to set a frequency for odrive for refresh any waiting processes (ie every hour retry any waiting processes)?

@sld7 anything else to add?

Hi @mac25,

There isn’t a built-in way to do this. odrive will stop attempting to download if it hits enough errors. You may be able to script something, but I think it will probably be better to just check-in on it once a day, since you are performing what seems like a very large-scale operation and you’ll want to stay on-top of it, even if it is not hitting API limits.

Thank you Tony,
I’m always surprised about how quickly we gets answers from you.
Trully appreciated!

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