Is It Possible To Do A "Reverse Sync"(server-to-client)?

I have one or more linux-based VMs running in The Cloud, and I have data on these remote servers that I’d like to have indexed (a la oDrive’s “UnSync” style of doing this) onto my local Win PC client. This desire, however, is opposite to the way oDrive delivers it’s usual UnSync file/folder indexing: Usually, indexed data had to (at least) once resided on the client PC before it was synced and then UnSynced. So I’m asking for a new capability where I can get the same end result on my PC (oDrive’s special 0-sized files & folders) for data out in my cloud that was never on the PC in the first place.

Does this make sense?

All of this remote data is presently accessible on my desktop via remote mounts (that I’m doing into my OS environment via NetDrive2… that occasionally conflicts with the oDrive mounting drivers… but that’s another topic for another day)…

So I have access to this cloud data via these remote disk mounts… but having the oDrive-like capability to locally index these files & folders (in the oDrive 0-size style) directly into my Win PC would significantly improve my offline searching capabilities through my data assets.

The way odrive works is that it will request the information about the data residing remotely when storage is linked. The data never has to have resided locally.

For example, if you were to (hypothetically speaking) link your Dropbox account to odrive, the odrive Desktop client would be able to represent all of the data that exists remotely without it ever having physically resided on the local system.

In the case of your Linux VM’s, you could link them to odrive via the SFTP, FTP, or WebDAV integrations and get the same effect. You will be able to browse and expand without needing to download everything locally. The effect would be similar to what it sounds like you are using NetDrive for right now.

Thanks for the heads-up about this. I’m a newbie to oDrive and I didn’t realize these already-present capabilities. I’ll be trying them out very soon (as soon as I can figure out the oDrive servers IPs to put on my ftp server’s firewall white list… I’m contacting tech support about this directly).

For the IP addresses, I actually moved your post to an existing thread.

We don’t have a list of IPs to give out, but you can use the Desktop client to access firewalled endpoints, since the connections are direct from your system. Sharing and web client access will be blocked, but it sounds like you will not have need for those for your use case anyway.