Is it ok to hide folders in oDrive?

Hello everyone,
Hopefully, someone from iDrive will have a go at this one.
Although they are not hurting anyone, I would rather hide the “Encrypted.cloudf” folders inside each cloud service associated with my oDrive. This is just a matter of keeping things as clean and bare bones as possible. I access my encrypted files from the “Encryptor/Encryptedfoldernamehere” folder, so I don’t see the point of having the “Encrypted.cloudf” folders laying around inside each cloud account’s own folder.

With this in mind, I have 3 questions:

1- Should I ever access files from the “Encrypted.cloudf” folders inside each cloud account’s folder in oDrive?

2- If not, and since I access them through the “Encryptor/Encryptedfoldernamehere” folder, would it be OK to hide the “Encrypted.cloudf” folders with an app like “Hider 2” for the Mac? I mean, I don’t know exactly what happens to a files/folders that are hidden by “Hider 2”, so I’m afraid to do it and mess things up in oDrive. What’s your take on this?

3- Will oDrive offer a “hide” function in a future update?

Thank you so much,

Hi @ruiguerreiro.googl,

  1. You should not need to access the encrypted files outside of the Encryptor folder.

  2. I believe Hider 2 encrypts and moves the files it hides, so this would definitely interfere with odrive. Most likely it would pick up the removed placeholder as a delete.

  3. We don’t plan to offer a hide function, but our next iteration of encryption will be more in-line, which should remove prevent this from being an issue in the first place.