Is cloud to cloud sync possible?

I have just opened an Amazon Cloud Drive, which has unlimited photo storage. I also have a FreeNAS server running with about 2TB of photos. I have managed to get both linked on odrive, the FreeNAS system through a SFTP connection. What I want to do is sync all the photos from FreeNAS to Amazon without having to use my PC. Can this be done? (I am new to odrive and am not completely sure how it works yet so if this is obvious, sorry.)

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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately a cloud-to-cloud sync isn’t implemented yet. This is something we’d like to do in the future (for example, either migrating/moving between Dropbox and Google Drive). Keeping two linked sources synced without the client as an intermediary, however, may not exactly be part of the plan unless we make it a separate paid service.

Can I ask what you’re trying to do exactly? Do you want to migrate your files from your FreeNAS server to your Amazon Drive and then get rid of your FreeNAS server? Or are you planning on keeping your NAS around afterwards and will need it to continuously sync changes afterwards, too?



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m looking for a do-it-and-leave-it method to upload 2TB of photos to Amazon Drive. Using the PC has been problematic because I am constantly using it off my network and need to start the upload process all over, waiting for Amazon to see which files have been uploaded already. And waiting, and waiting…

This will be a one-time upload, I just want the photos backed up online for safe keeping. Will keep the NAS as a primary after. Amazon will only be synced once a month or so.

If you have any other ideas how to do this, I would appreciate it. The Amazon app is useless.

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Okay, got it. So you’re primarily working out of your NAS and are using Amazon as a backup repository.

We’ll be coming out with a backup feature sometime in the near future which you could use with an external drive such as a NAS. This feature would still require the use your computer as an intermediary. So it would only backup while your computer was connected to the NAS and the internet. But it would do the backup intelligently in the background–we detect what’s already been uploaded so we wouldn’t repeat that work.

Other ideas (probably less desirable) include purchasing other storage such as a newer Synology device which can support their Cloud Sync app. Or the new Seagate Duet which is a 1TB device which can do the same. These options are complementary to using both Amazon Drive and odrive together. But since you’ve already dumped the money into hardware already, this is probably less appealing.

A final thought I can offer is to consider dumping the NAS altogether. I have a NAS and I love it because I bought it back when storage solutions still weren’t exactly that great. If you use odrive to migrate your photos to the cloud in batches (confirm each batch made it up to the cloud so you feel safe about it) and then just stopped using your NAS altogether, that might actually be better.

I know it’s hard. I still have a small footprint of stuff on my NAS. But I find that I really do worry less about all of the remaining data I’ve already been able to migrate to the cloud.


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I will appreciate this service when available.