Is a Removed encryption folder recoverable (with a known passphrase)?

If I Remove an existing encryption folder, does the encrypted storage folder remain on the cloud drive?

If yes, then how can the folder and files within be recovered?

I know there is an unofficial tool to recover encrypted files outside of Odrive, but I guess I am wondering specifically what would happen if I set up a new encryption folder that pointed to the removed encryption folder with the same phrase - would the files be recoverable that way?

Hi @glenreno,
Yes. The Encryptor setup is basically just to tell odrive where to look for encrypted files.

If you remove an Encryptor folder, the encrypted content stays in the cloud, where it is. You can always recreate an Encryptor folder and point it to the same location. When you open that folder in the odrive desktop client it will prompt you for the passphrase and then you are back in business.

If you do remove an Encryptor folder, make sure that you do not have anything inside that folder on your local system that hasn’t yet synced up to the cloud (green checkmark). Removing the Encryptor folder from the odrive web client will end up removing that folder locally too. When this happens, odrive will attempt to move the local folder it to the OS trash, but it may be too large (in the Windows case) and Windows will end up just deleting the files in there. Just something to keep in mind.