Is 2FA available?

would like to see if 2FA exists for securing access to any of the unencrypted storage viewable via the odrive site and if it could be set as an optional account level requirement for connecting new clients to my odrive account

Hi @killerbunbun,
My apologies for not getting to this sooner. I somehow overlooked it.

This has been something that has been requested a couple of times in the past, but there hasn’t been enough interest to get it on the roadmap.

If you use an authorizing account that requires 2FA (Google, Dropbox, Facebook, etc), then technically you do have a 2FA requirement to use odrive, already, as you can’t login to odrive unless you pass through your chosen authenticating accounts login requirements.

Which service are you currently using to login? Do you have 2FA enabled on that account?

@Tony Particularly i’m looking for enabling 2FA for authenticating into and in setting up a new client. Correct me if i’m wrong but the 2FA requirement with Google Drive is for the initial set up and once set up i’m able to from view files within non-encrypted spaces after authenticating with username and password only? Technically i think there would also be the ability to delete the encrypted files (without being able to view the decrypted files). Currently i’m using Google’s Titan Key or TOTP for 2FA with Google Drive.

Hi @killerbunbun,
The 2FA requirement will generally depend on if you have chosen to “trust” the device you perform the 2FA on and how often Google requires 2FA prompts on the device.

My guess is that you have previously trusted the browser, which is used to perform the Google authentication for odrive, so you are not prompted for 2FA every time (at least for some decent period of time). Some information on this: Add or remove trusted computers - Computer - Google Account Help