Invalid Value for Registry

Hello - I have a “Pictures” folder that I have on a secondary hard drive and when my wife tries to access any of the pictures that are synced locally she receives an error message Invalid Value for Registry. Not sure the best way to go about setting this up short of setting up 2 instances of the odrive app on both of our windows accounts?

To clarify - she can see the thumbnails of the local files, but when you attempt to open any of them this is what pops up. It works fine from my Windows account where ODrive is setup.

Resolved the issue - it wasnt related to odrive at all - if anyone else runs into this issue, it was related to the default program opening the jpg files.

Hi @bsjelin,
I was just in the middle of writing a response to this. :slight_smile:

My suggestion was going to be the following:

  1. Right-click->Open with->Choose another app on a .jpg file
  2. Check “Always use this app to open .jpg files” and choose the app you want to open with (Default is usually “Windows Photo Viewer”, “Photos”, or “Paint”)
  3. Click “OK”

Is this what you ended up doing?

Yea except that I used the Photos app with Windows 10 - which it should have been using originally but resetting the default program seems to have fixed it permanently now. Weird.

Ahh. Okay.

I edited my response to include “Photos” (and Paint :slight_smile: ). As you said, the default in Win 10 now is Photos.

Thanks for the response!