Invalid "sync to odrive" entry

Where do you store your error logs on MacOS? I’m trying to figure out the very 1990’s Microsoft-esk “Cannot sync folder” error when i try to sync one of my folders. I’m having flashbacks to the infamous Window 3.1 “There was an error.” message. Or the even better IE 1-6 “Unknown Error” message that I adored so much. And with that thought, i need a shower…

Hi @scphantm,
We don’t have any user-accessible logs. Generally the error messages are more specific, unless it is some sort of unexpected error.

If you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let me know the path, I can take a look.
Are you able to browse the location from the odrive web client ( )?

sent. its the calibre folder. it shows up at invalid on my menu

Hi @scphantm,
Yes there is something wrong with the configuration of that “sync to odrive” folder, it appears.

Can you try right-clicking on the Calibre folder and selecting “Remove Sync”, then restarting odrive? This won’t remove any files, it will just remove that sync relationship. We can add it back once we figure out what is going on.

Once odrive comes back up, can you send another diagnostic?

Ok, did that and sent a new diagnostic

Hi @scphantm,
The diagnostic still shows the “Calibre Library” folder as a “sync to odrive” folder. Is it showing in the “sync to odrive” section in the odrive menu?

It you “Remove Sync” on that folder again, does it remain listed? Does any exception pop-up?

it dissapears just fine. it shows up with (invalid) next to the name in the menu.

Hi @scphantm,
To be clear, even after you choose to remove sync on that folder, it is still listed in the odrive menu as invalid? Removing sync on that folder should remove it from the list entirely. If that isn’t happening, no matter how many times you try, then we’ll need to figure out next steps to reset sync on that folder.

If that is the case, can you rename the Calibre folder and try syncing it to odrive with the new name? That should at least get around this current issue enough that we can sync that folder.

i can delete it just fine. it disappears with no problems what so ever. when i add it back, it shows up as [invalid] and i get the can not sync error.

Renaming that folder is easier said than done.

Hi @scphantm,
Unfortunately is seems that there is some sort of “zombie” entry for that folder in the odrive config and that is preventing it from being re-added and used successfully.

Is it possible that you changed the remote target folder for the “Calibre Library” folder at some point?
Was that folder set successfully as a “sync to odrive” folder at some point before this error started occurring?

If not, I think the only two options we have to resolve this are:

  • Rename the local folder (or somehow create a new path for it), so that we can create a unique sync relationship
  • Reset the local cache, which would involve re-setting up the “sync to odrive” folders and moving over the /odrive folder data. If we went this route I would recommend waiting until all of the current upload activity has completed and odrive is idle.