Internal Server Error

I have uploaded quite a bit of files without a problem, but when I try to Sync (download) a file, I keep getting the Internal Server Error message. I never get errors when uploading files, only when downloading them. Can’t oDrive just work in the background to get the file and not show the message? I encrypt and split the files so can oDrive just try to get all the parts and assemble them once they have all been downloaded? This solution is no good if I can’t access the files I have stored in the cloud after I have uploaded them. It is not a big deal if it takes a while before the file is available.
This is for oDrive Windows client.

Hi @wynne.tom,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, would you like to share more details of the said problem.

  1. Cloud service you have used to store your files (split)?
  2. Did you get the “Internet Server Error” immediately when you try to sync (download) the file or it happens in middle of download?
  3. Is it the single file you are having problem or other files are causing the same error while syncing?
  4. Please share the name / path of the file and send diagnostic report from odrive tray menu after getting the error again.


  1. Amazon cloud drive
  2. It fails at different points, maybe up to 30%
  3. Just right-click on a single file and select Sync.
    4 The path is: D:\odrive\Encryptor\Amazon Cloud Drive\TV\Crime\Medium [2005]\Season 1\

I did finally get one file to download but others give the message.

It does appear to work (so far) if I sync the whole folder. I may have had this issue before. Syncing one file or multiple files in a folder gives the error but going up one folder and sync the folder itself works.

Hi @wynne.tom,
Thanks for the follow-up.

There are actually some inefficiencies with our download of IFS (split) files that are more pronounced on Amazon Drive. It is an issue that can be easier to hit with encrypted IFS files, too. There isn’t anything wrong with the way the file is stored, which is important to note, but there are refinements to be made with the download sequencing and dealing with server-side exceptions during that process.

It is something that will be addressed in an upcoming release, and it will make things much smoother. My apologies for the trouble, in the meantime.