Internal Microsoft OneDrive For Business Sync Error - Manual Refresh of Folder Required

I keep getting an Internal Microsoft OneDrive for Business Error when trying to sync a file using the client (prod 6461).

The files can be accessed via the web interfaces, the client seems to have issues. If I refresh the folder containing the file then the error disappears and I can sync the file.

If the folder contains many files then I get the “too many requests error”.

I recently changed my OneDrive password, have not been asked by client to make any changes, other than this there has been no changes to my setup.

Hi @Alen.Alempijevic,
Can you recreate these issues and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Can you also take a screenshot of the “Internal Microsoft OneDrive for Business Error” for me?

Hi Tony,

I can’t recreate the issue as Refresh does not work anymore.

I can go through folders (opeining them up) without a hiccup on the web and client, however syncing files on client and openining them on web interface is an issue.

The web interface when clicking on file to access it produces an error

{"error":{"code":"serviceNotAvailable","message":"Service unavailable","retryAfterSeconds":30}}

And the client

I’ve sent diagnostics.

I use rclone on my linux box, and I’ve had to request a new access token given my password to OneDrive changed. I don’t know whether this is being manifested differently on odrive authentication process?

Hi @Alen.Alempijevic,

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Do you mean that when you perform a refresh, the file you are downloading still errors, instead of it being able to proceed? Or, are you seeing an error when you try to refresh?

I took a look at the diagnostics. OD4B is returning a 503 response, which indicates that the service is unavailable. They could also be using this as a throttling response.

odrive will automatically request a new token when required. I can see that there are operations that are succeeding, but OneDrive is returning a lot of 503s. Uploads will automatically retry and look to be going through after several retries.

I generally see a 429 response for throttling, rather than a 503, which leads me to believe this throttling may pertain to your tenant (organization), specifically. I am going to request s change for this integration to treat these 503’s a bit differently. It won’t stop them from happening, but will mandate a larger pause before making another request to OneDrive.

When did this issue start happening? I am wondering if there may be some heavy usage going on for your tenant that is resulting in a tighter restriction of API calls.

Hi @Tony

The refresh does not produce an error itself, the file I’m attempting to download still has the same error.

I don’t quite understand the throttling, I’ve been away from my work PC for 87h, and upon returning to work the first file I’ve clicked on to sync produces an error:

We recently (month ago) moved to Windows 10 and as part of process everyone now has cloud storage for their Documents folder. I can install OneDrive on my PC and see if I get same errors?

Hi @Alen.Alempijevic,
OneDrive for Business handles throttling strangely. Most providers (including standard OneDrive) primarily enforce limits on the user, and will throttle a particular user if they are exceeded user-based API limits. OD4B tends to throttle at the tenant and global level much more aggressively, so you will end up hitting these limits, even if you have not been using the service much.

In your case it seems to be more tenant-level. We have been working on ways to combat this to improve the user experience. We have some additional changes in the pipeline for this, too, which I’m hoping we can push out in the next week or two.

The OneDrive native clients seem to have higher thresholds than the limits they allow 3rd parties, like odrive, so you may not see the same behavior on their own clients.

How many users do you have in your organization?

In total potentially 52,000 users (4,000 have OneDrive for Business and 48,000 students have SharePoint - which I’m not sure if it is fundamentally different, definitely is within odrive and rclone cloud storage setup)

Thanks @Alen.Alempijevic,
We hope to release an update soon that will hopefully help this situation a bit.

We released a new version that should help with these errors.