Internal hard drive replacement and new OS Install, odrive on external drive

Hi there,

I’ll be replacing the internal hard drive on my computer soon and installing a fresh OS. My odrive folder is on an external hard drive.

I read through this discussion, and it was helpful: What would be the safest method for an Windows OS reinstall?

But, since my odrive is on an external drive, I feel I need to add some steps. Does this sound correct?

  • Rename the odrive folder on the external to odrive-previous
  • Install odrive client
  • Move odrive folder to my external drive
  • Await the .cloudf files for all the providers to sync
  • Move everything from odrive-previous into odrive
  • Let odrive client verify syncs

Just want to be sure I do this correctly. All of my files are currently synced to this external drive, without any encryption. This is on Mac OS X Sierra.


Hi @nabeards,
Your steps should work, as you’ve specified. Just make sure that you are logged into the exact same odrive account on the new install, so that all of your links match up.

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Thank you Tony! Have a Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year @nabeards!