Internal Drive encryption or removing the drive


My laptop has 2
internal drives. The 2nd internal drive is dedicated to Odrive, that’s where I have paced the Odrive folder instead of the default location). Essentially all my Online accounts are mirrored and all files synced to this 2nd internal drive.

I am considering encrypting my 2nd drive which contains the Odrive folder, which I assume would not have any effect on Odrive. However, my concern comes if I cannot unlock the encyrpted drive immediately after boot. How does Odrive handle this situation because the Odrive folder would not yet be seen by the Odrive app. This would be similar if I decided to remove the 2nd internal drive (temporarily) or do an upgrade of the drive (copy file from old drive to a new, bigger drive and then put back in my laptop).

  1. Would Odrive crash and burn because the app could not find the Odrive folder, and therefore would think the folder was empty and start deleting my online files.
  2. Would The Odrive folder revert back to the default location of Odrive (under the User), and then start to delete my online files because this new location would be empty and therefore Odrive would start syncing and start to delete the online files.
  3. Would it just sit and wait patiently until the “missing” drive is unlocked/replaced and not do a thing with the online or local files.


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I haven’t tried against an encrypted drive (I assume you are using full disk encryption), so I don’t know what type of error would be seen.

Generally speaking, though, if the drive/volume where the odrive folder has been moved to becomes inaccessible, odrive will be unable to find the folder, and unable to create a new one. In that case it will present a [missing] state in the odrive tray menu by the “Open odrive folder” option. When you click on it, it will ask you if you want to locate the folder. If the drive/volume is restored and accessible, then clicking on that option will open the folder and odrive will be back in business.


Hi Tony,
Thanks for quick response.
I have not yet done the encryption yet but it would be full drive encryption.

Anyhow, it sounds like there would not be an issue as Odrive would wait until it finds (or get pointed to) the Odrive folder.
Most importantly it would not start thinking the local files have been deleted and then start deleting the online files. Sounds pretty fail safe the way it reacts.

Thank you very much.