Integration with Redmine

hello, is it possible to integrate with Redmine web application? Or who knows if there is such a plugin for redmine?

If this is not the case, is it possible to make odrive friends with Redmine by writing a program(plugin)?

Hi @e_unarov!

We don’t have a native integration to Redmine, but you could try using either a WebDAV or FTP plugin for Redmine if you want to see if you can get something going.

Also, if you have direct access to the server hosting Redmine, you can also set up SFTP access to the machine itself if the files you want to access through Redmine are easily accessible/organized somewhere in the server’s filesystem.

I don’t think anyone has tried connecting to Redmine yet, but if you’re able to get any of the methods above working, please reply and share your experience in case others were wondering the same thing… we’d love to hear about if you were able to get it working or not.


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