Instructions for activating Premium features

I purchased the Upgrade option, been charged USD99, but have received no instructions or advices about how to activate premium features or what I should expect next. I downloaded the desktop client, and the Premium account features are grayed-out. There is no documentation in the guides about what to do or expect when you move to Premium, other than payment/refund info. In the web interface, my account shows my annual subscription, the invoice, but nothing else. Also, I couldn’t find anything about what an Auth Key is, why is it there, and how do you use it. Some good instructions would be very useful please.

Hi @vwaretini,
Normally you don’t have to do anything after upgrading, aside from making sure you are logging into the correct odrive account. It is possible that you inadvertently created a new account by logging in with a different provider.

It looks like the account with your subscription is using Google to login (same e-mail you have listed here on the forum)

Make sure that you see your subscription listed here:
If you do this means you are logged into the correct account.

Once you have verified you are in the correct account, make sure the information here: matches the information listed under “Authorized User” in in the odrive menu on the desktop. If that all matches up then you should be able to use the Premium features without any additional setup.

Thanks for your reply Tony. I’ve checked the subscription is showing and I’ve checked the account profile matches the Authorized User. I have a screenshot I’d like to post to show you. My odrive folders show my cloud accounts, but Premium features do not show in the sync client. Not sure what to do next?

Hi @vwaretini,
Can you do the following for me please?
Send a screenshot of the greyed-out items
Send a screenshot of the odrive menu
Send a diagnostic from the odrive menu

That will allow me to dig a little deeper into this.

Diagnostics have been sent. Here is the screenshot:

Now I’m wondering if I’m reading this right - a greyed-out Premium Account means it IS a Premium Account, correct? I thought it was saying it wasn’t a Premium Account because it’s greyed-out (usually the indicator a feature or flag isn’t available or working).

Hi @vwaretin,
Correct :slight_smile: . If it is not a Premium account it will not show that text there.

Can you verify that you can unsync? That will give us a good indication that Premium features are working.

By the way, for a list of all of the Premium features and differences between free and Premium, take a look at this post. What is free vs paid (premium)?

Ok, I’m feeling I’m a bit of a wally - yes, I can auto-unsync. Does that not show in the Free version? Also, for some reason I thought that auto-unsync could be set to happen immediately (ie open/download a cloud file, work on it, save it, then it would sync back to the cloud and unsync). But I guess the reason for the having the lowest auto-unsync interval as 1 day is to prevent download-upload-download-upload every time you make a change to the file?

(Part of the reason I didn’t get I was on Premium is that I hadn’t used the Free version very much, so couldn’t see the changes in the tray menu)

No worries @vwaretini. In the free version you can see the premium options but trying to use them will tell you you need upgrade.

You are correct on the auto-unsync interval. Some other have requested an “unsync after successful complete”, and its a feature request that our product team is aware of, although I don’t think there is a timeline for it yet.