Inconsistency with GoogleDrive: file deletions and moves


It seems odrive does not reflect changes of file deletions on Google Drive (remove to trash) but shows an error message to indicate the file is not available as follows:

This could be confusing for files deleted long time ago. Isn’t it possible for you to hide the removed files on Google Drive if it’s in the trash (system trash or Google Drive trash) and show them when restored? Further, you may consider creating the trash folder for ease of restoration.

On the other hand, normal files moving between different Google Drive accounts works as expected but not with files in Google document formats (again, cannot be opened after moved). The expected behavior is the file is also copied and created in the target account. If it is not possible, can odrive just intercept the moving operations of those in Google document formats?

Hi @farleylai,
Can you provide steps to reproduce the trash scenario? I don’t quite understand the flow there.

For Google Doc moves, this is an issue that we have seen can come up. We are developing ways to eliminate the scenario in future versions. See here for a little more information: Google drive files unuseable

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Open some Google Drive folder both locally and in the browser
  2. Remove some file using the browser (which is moved to the Google Drive trash)
  3. The file is still visible after refreshing the local folder but cannot be opened
    I noticed that the blue check of the file disappears after removing it
    Nonetheless, hiding the file may be less confusing.

Another test case is to remove a file in the local folder to the local trash and see what happens to the file in the browser. Surprisingly, the file is left intact and can still be viewable online. Anyway, though not validated yet against the official Google Drive client, the expected behavior should be nearly the same.

Hi @farleylai,
There is a small delay after deleting a file remotely. This is expected, as odrive is making sure that the delete isn’t actually a move (which can take a little bit of time to detect). In my testing I see that the deleted file will be removed completely within about 30 seconds. Are you seeing that it sticks around for longer than that?

For local deletes, make sure you are emptying the odrive trash to commit the delete to the cloud.

Something to keep in mind: If the file is a shared file, meaning that you do not have ownership of it, the delete to the cloud will fail.
More info on that here: Empty trash and sync all deletes - NOT working?