Implement IFS/Chunking on a per-sync, per-folder, or per-storage provider basis

The IFS file splitting feature certainly could be useful, but not as implemented in a business environment. Different cloud providers have different limits on maximum file sizes. Those limits also vary depending on the service plan one uses with that provider.

Yes, it would be nice to allow fitting files on a crappy provider such as Onedrive personal. No, I don’t want to split all files with all providers based on Onedrive’s limitations. It is more important to store files in a format that can be accessed anywhere without corrupting modification times, etc. than to bend to a single cloud provider’s limitations.

Ideally, IFS could be set on a per-share basis. Otherwise, at least provide granularity on the storage provider level.

While I’m ranting, offering larger chunk sizes would be useful as well. 2GB is OK, but having 3, 5, and 10GB chunks would limit splitting on most providers.

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Is it possible to configure IFS sync per folder? For example. I only want to enable it on certain folders. This way I can still allow some files to still be accessed with native Dropbox access for example.

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Thanks @aaron.pritchard. You’re right, the granularity for IFS control is currently global. Your feedback (at the folder level) and Ethan’s (at the linked storage or even at the individual file level) is noted and appreciated.


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