Im maxed out on gdrive storage and Im totally Unsynced

Hello and thanks for any help. I seem to have a gdrive storage issue that I didn’t have before I started using odrive. I am getting an alert saying I’m maxed out on storage. We use gdrive for work and I’m the only one using odrive. Everyone else syncs through gdrive and is using like 5% of the storage. My usage is exactly the same as theirs and I am maxed out at 30 gigs. I think its a syncing issue where its syncing to the entire drive and maxing me out. But I just unsynced the entire drive locally and google is still telling me I am maxed out. Auto sync is disabled as well. Ive restarted and everything.

Can anyone provide me any direction? I love odrive but I need to get this sorted.


Hi @nicknyffeler,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

sure thing tony. thanks for the help. just sent it.

Hi @nicknyffeler,
I see that you are unsynced. I don’t see any errors, though. Can you tell me where you are seeing the storage error? Can you reproduce it and send another diagnostic, along with a screenshot of the error?

so the storage error is with gdrive. its saying im maxed out.

sorry this is a little confusing and goes between gdrive and odrive.

we have a shared gdrive for work and everyone is allotted 30 gigs to use. I just use odrive to sync locally and save to our drive. so if I’m unsynced shouldn’t my storage number then fall? I dont know how to diagnose this issue from the google side to see how its calculating my usage or from where.

everyone uses the gdrive like this and since im the only user using odrive I figured it was a syncing issue.


Hi @nicknyffeler,
odrive unsync will replace local data with placeholders, so you can free up space on your local system, but it will leave the data in the cloud untouched. If you want to free up space in the cloud you would need to delete items.

The first thing to look at for this is the Google Drive trash. You may have items in there that are taking up space. Can you go to the Google Drive web client and look at the trash there? There may be items you can permanently delete to free up space.

ok thanks for your help tony. after talking w a few coworkers I think it is just as simple as I am maxed out on gdrive. I just needed to clarify that it wasnt a syncing issue.

thanks for the help!


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